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Nia uses veterinary science to help you understand your dog's nutritional needs for long lasting change.

Only $45/month.

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Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is one of the most important things you can do as a pet parent

Here's how Nia makes it easy

Nutrition plans specifically tailored to your dog

Every dog is unique. Your plan is tailored by age, breed, size, and underlying health profile

Unlimited 1-on-1 sessions with your personal Wellness Coach

Receive ongoing support from an expert assigned to your case

Vet-curated food, treats, and supplements delivered right to your door

With a lot of marketing in pet food, our vets are here to break it down for you

Accountability & progress tracking

Clearly see your wins and identify ways to improve your journey

Easily compare the nutrition profile of foods and treats

Use our proprietary database to make smart nutrition decisions

100% backed by veterinary science

We follow guidelines created by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the only accrediting body for small animal hospitals. All our recommendations are vetted by board-certified veterinarians so that you can rest assured you're getting reputable advice.

Why your dog's weight matters

Live 2 years longer

Purina's landmark study on canine nutrition revealed that the median life span of the lean-fed dogs was extended by 15 percent or nearly two years. On average, the lean-fed dogs weighed less, had lower body fat, and after a certain age, experienced a two-year delay in the loss of lean body mass.

70% less likely to develop other conditions

Overweight dogs are high-risk for developing conditions such as osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease), canine diabetes, cancer and heart disease. These are chronic conditions requiring life-long management that negatively impact quality of life, and are expensive to manage.

Decrease joint and hip pain = increased mobility

Fat tissue stores are biologically active. They release inflammatory hormones and create oxidative stress on the body’s tissue, both of which contribute to many diseases. These inflammatory hormones create even more stress on a dog's joints, causing pain and mobility issues.

More than 50% of dogs are overweight. Is yours?

Take our free 3 minute quiz to find out. We'll walk you through performing the three checks licensed veterinarians use to determine if your dog is carrying excess weight:

1) Rib check
2) Profile check
3) Overhead check

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How Nia works

All for $45/month


1. Fill Out An Online Form

A few questions to help us understand your dog's starting point, health profile and lifestyle

2. Receive Your Personalized Plan

Your plan will include your dog's ideal body weight, number of calories, and daily protein requirements

3. Meet Your Wellness Coach

Your Wellness Coach supports you along your journey—say hello on a video, phone call, or text

4. Welcome Box In The Mail

A customized set of goodies to jumpstart your journey, such as single ingredient, low carb treats and omega-3 joint supplements


5. Monthly Check-in With Wellness Coach

One-on-one time to discuss your progress and set goals for the next month. Your Coach will schedule you for a call with a licensed vet when necessary

6. Nutrition Plan Updated

Nutrition needs will change as your dog loses weight, ages, and health profile changes

7. Monthly Supplies Delivered

Weight management food, supplements and treats are 15% off for all pet parents with an active plan (plus, free shipping!)

8. Access Nutritional Database

Easily compare the nutrition profile of foods and treats using our proprietary database


Curated by vets

With so many options out there, it's hard to know what is good for your dog. Nia's vets have handpicked treats and supplements to make sure you're only shopping high-quality, healthy products.


Meet Rosie

When we first met Rosie, she weighed 21.8lbs, making her 3lbs overweight. That means she was more than 10% overweight!

It might not seem like a lot, but think about it for a human. It's the equivalent of being 25lbs overweight for a 180lb person!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Nia for?

Nia is for any pet parent that wants to learn about canine nutrition from experts and get support on successfully managing their dog's weight. Marketing is extremely confusing in the dog food and supplements space, and our hope is that by giving pet parents the knowledge to make healthy decisions for their pets, we can reverse the canine obesity epidemic.

What is a Nia Wellness Coach? How will they support me?

Your Nia Wellness Coach will guide you through the program to help you and your dog succeed. They are available to you 24/7 to answer any nutritional questions and help you manage your specific situation. They also maintain ongoing relationships with our veterinarians to ensure your plan is working effectively. They have been trained by licensed veterinarians to ensure they are able to effectively and safely help you.

How often can I connect with my Nia Wellness Coach?

You can connect with your Wellness Coach 24/7 through text or calls. Our program recommends at least one scheduled call each month to check in on your progress and help you adjust if necessary.

How are veterinarians involved in my care?

Our top priority is the safety of your dog. We have licensed veterinarians on our team that have been involved in every step of developing this program. If your dog is not making progress, your Nia Wellness Coach will schedule a telehealth call with a licensed veterinarian to help you.

What progress can I expect to see with my dog?

On average, a dog is able to healthily lose 1% of its body weight per week. 1% might not seem like a lot, especially for our smaller furry friends, but it's the way to ensure they are still getting all the nutrients they need to be healthy and happy.

The most significant change we see in dogs is increased mobility and decreased joint and hip pain. Carrying excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the joints, particularly hips and elbows. This causes pain and leads to bunny hopping, difficulty using stairs, inability to jump on furniture, and low stamina for walks and runs. As dogs lose weight, they will gradually begin to get some of this mobility back, although it is not always fully reversible depending on age and severity of the case.

What is included in my welcome package? Does it cost more?

Your welcome package will include a customized set of dog essentials to jump start your journey. It is included in the cost of your membership. You'll receive: 

+ High quality treats to help your dog's weight management journey. These will be single ingredient, high protein, low carb treats with clear information on their caloric content
+ Personalized scoop and slow feeder to make sure your dog is getting just the right amount of food each day
+ Omega-3 supplement samples to help with joint health and help prevent osteoarthritis
+ Additional information and resources on canine nutrition

and more!