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Nia uses veterinary science to help you understand your dog's nutritional needs for long lasting change
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100% Backed By Veterinary Science

Nia follows guidelines created by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the only accrediting body for small animal hospitals. All our recommendations are vetted by licensed veterinarians so that you can rest assured you're getting reputable advice.

-Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz, DVM (& Dogtor Charlie)
Chief Veterinary Officer, Nia
  • Follows AAHA Guidelines
  • Personalized For Your Pet
  • Vetted By Board-Certified Vets
  • 90%+ Success Rate
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Unlock A Healthier And Longer Life For Your Dog

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Extended Life Span

Add an average of two years to your dog's life span by maintaining them at a healthy weight
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Fewer Health Issues

Lower risk of developing diabetes and arthritis by more than 70%!
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Increased Mobility

Help maintain your dog's mobility as they age to keep them active and happy
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Your Personalized Plan In Less Than 10 Min

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Fill out intake form & receive nutrition plan

Tell us about your dog's health profile, lifestyle, and starting point in a 10 min online intake form. You'll be able to view your personalized plan upon completing the intake form, and will include your dog's ideal body weight, caloric needs, and daily protein requirements, and more.

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Receive monthly treats and supplements

Over-treating is a leading cause of canine obesity. We eliminate this variable by providing you with your dog's monthly allotment of treats based on their nutrition plan so you never have to worry about over-treating them. You'll also receive a full month of hip and joint supplements to help strengthen your dog's bones and reduce inflammation from excess pounds.

Monthly weigh-ins & progress tracking

Measuring your progress is a vital part of knowing whether the plan is working for you. Your wellness coach will work with you to find a consistent, accessible scale where you can weigh your dog and teach you how to self-assess your dog's body condition score. You'll then be able to log your monthly numbers in your Nia dashboard.

24/7 support from your wellness coach and licensed veterinarians

Your personal wellness coach will guide you throughout your journey to make sure your dog gets to their target weight. A safe weight loss plan gradually decreases calories for the dog, so your wellness coach will work with our veterinary team to update your plan as your dog loses weight. You'll also be able to track your progress from your dashboard.

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Premium Plan


/ per month
Our end-to-end premier solution with more than a 90% success rate
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Unlimited teleconsults with licensed veterinarians
  • Monthly supply of healthy, low calorie treats
  • Monthly supply of hip & joint supplements
  • Personal wellness coach to support your journey 24/7
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Monthly supplies

High Quality Ingredients to Champion Your Success

Each month, you'll receive your dog's monthly supply of treats and supplements specifically formulated for overweight dogs. Our treats are single ingredient, low calorie snacks that will ensure you're not overtreating your pet (it's hard, we know). Our supplements contain ingredients, such as glucosamine, specifically formulated to help reduce inflammation from excess pounds and build strong bones to promote an active lifestyle.
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